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Amanda K.

Epic fantasies, family sagas, in depth biographies - I can't keep my hands off!

Ed B.

Even though nobody does it better, here are ten spy films, great in their own way.

Erin L.

I'm reading books that celebrate strong female friendships. 

Karen B.

April is a great time for people to get outdoors, begin gardening, and, for me - building fairy houses. 

Katelyn V.

I really enjoy reading about other people's lives and sometimes, living vicariously through them.

Kelly K.

Celebrating out-of-the-ordinary spring holidays!

Kira R.

I've been reading about difficult family issues and complex characters. 

Lauren C.

National Library Week is, April 8-14, Celebrate with one of these great reads or flicks!

Loree N.

How much of your privacy would you give up if you would be completely taken care of?

Sharon H.

This month I have Irish themed romances and movies. 

Suzy M.

I'm looking forward to watching my granddaughter discover the flowering bulbs in my garden.