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Make a pot of coffee or a mug of cocoa and get wrapped up in some of my favorite mini-series.

Listening to audiobooks helps make the time go by while I organize my life.

Sometimes you're in the mood to be blown away by the beauty of words. 

These dark winter days are great for reading dark, twisty mysteries – these won't disappoint.

I'm interested in reading about topics people argue over or simply avoid discussing.

Girls Who Code has inspired me to read about females who are rocking in the STEM fields. 

For Valentine's Day, I've been watching romantic comedies and reading romance novels.

Sit back, relax and enjoy these films about love, marriage, and family.

I love a good romcom!  So, just in time for Valentine's Day, here are some of my favorites.

As a former journalist, I'm drawn to books featuring in-depth reporting coupled with a narrative writing style. 

I love books with strong female characters, and these ladies don't mind getting their hands dirty.

Here's a list of kids' books and movies telling the most wonderful tales of Camelot