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Amanda K.

As a kid, I enjoyed musicals with my grandma and today, musicals are still my favorites.

Ed B.

Embrace the new year with one of my favorite American genres - Southern Gothic.

Erin L.

I'm whipping through one-shot graphic novels.

Karen B.

Cold weather is a great time to immerse yourself in stories from the past.  

Katelyn V.

It's the month of love, so here's a great list of funny and romantic stories to make you swoon! 

Kelly K.

Never too old for fantastic kids' fiction!

Kira R.

I love to listen to acoustic, folk, and bluegrass music - these are some of my favorite bands. 

Lauren C.

Enjoy reading and viewing the books and movies I love this month. 

Loree N.

Displays about Valentine's Day remind me of my favorite love stories.

Sharon H.

I have two new lists for you: There's No Place Like Home and Librarian Romances.

Suzy M.

I'm looking forward to watching the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix.