Mieko L.

Job Title: Librarian, Adult and Teen Services 

Favorite Genres: Genre benders, mysteries/thrillers, historical romance, books with dual timelines and deeply-buried secrets, audiobooks, superhero movies, science fiction tv shows, musicals.

What I'm into right now: A little bit ago, I needed to sink my teeth into a satisfying suspense novel and picked up a copy of Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell. It was a gripping read and I totally recommend it to fans of Liane Moriarty! However, I couldn’t help thinking, “Really? Another suspense book with ‘girl’ in the title?!” And so, I give you a list of riveting suspense novels without “girl” in the title! (Before you say anything, Woman in Cabin 10 is too good to leave off the list and technically “woman” is a different word, right?)

Want more from Mieko? Chat with her at mlanders@dglibrary.org.

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