New Fiction

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BIOGRAPHY BARLOW, J.P. Mother American night : my life in crazy times / John Perry Barlow with Robert Greenfield.
BIOGRAPHY BERNSTEIN, J. Famous father girl : a memoir of growing up Bernstein / Jamie Bernstein.
BIOGRAPHY FISHER, T. My girls : a lifetime with Carrie and Debbie / Todd Fisher ; with Lindsay Harrison.
BIOGRAPHY HALLOWELL, E.M. Because I come from a crazy family : the making of a psychiatrist / Edward M. Hallowell.
BIOGRAPHY IFTIN, A.N. Call me American : a memoir / Abdi Nor Iftin with Max Alexander.
BIOGRAPHY LEE, B. Bruce Lee : a life / Matthew Polly.
BIOGRAPHY LIVELY, P. Life in the garden / Penelope Lively.
BIOGRAPHY RAMIS, H. Ghostbuster's daughter : life with my dad, Harold Ramis / Violet Ramis Stiel.
BIOGRAPHY STEIN, S. Siren song : (my life in music) / Seymour Stein with Gareth Murphy.
BIOGRAPHY STERN, A. Little panic : dispatches from an anxious life / Amanda Stern.
BIOGRAPHY TRUMP, D. Born Trump : inside America's first family / Emily Jane Fox.
BIOGRAPHY WASHINGTON, H. Mayor Harold Washington : champion of race and reform in Chicago / Roger Biles.
BIOGRAPHY WEBB, R. How not to be a boy / Robert Webb.
BIOGRAPHY WEBB, R. How not to be a boy / Robert Webb.
BIOGRAPHY WILDER, L.I. Pioneer girl perspectives : exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder / Nancy Tystad Koupal, editor.
CD FICTION BACKMAN, F. Us against you : a novel / Fredrik Backman ; translated by Neil Smith.
ESSAYS GOTTLIEB, R. Near-death experiences, and others / And Others Robert Gottlieb.
ESSAYS HODSON, C. Tonight I'm someone else : essays / Chelsea Hodson.
FICTION ALLEN, N.C. The kiss of the spindle / Nancy Campbell Allen.
FICTION BACKMAN, F. Us against you : a novel / Fredrik Backman ; translated by Neil Smith.
FICTION BATES, C. The memory of fire / Callie Bates.
FICTION BLUM, J. The lost family : a novel / Jenna Blum.
FICTION BLUNDELL, J. The high season : a novel / Judy Blundell.
FICTION BRADLEY, C. Breathless / Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan.
FICTION BROWN, D. The Moscow offensive / Dale Brown.
FICTION BROWN, K. The life Lucy knew / Karma Brown.
FICTION BURTON, T.I. Social creature : a novel / Tara Isabella Burton.
FICTION BUTLAND, S. The lost for words bookshop : a novel / Stephanie Butland.
FICTION CARTER, A. A brush with death / Ali Carter.
FICTION CELT, A. Invitation to a bonfire : a novel / Adrienne Celt.
FICTION CENTER, K. How to walk away / Katherine Center.
FICTION CHONG, Y.J. The good son / You-Jeong Jeong ; translated by Chi-Young Kim.
FICTION COHEN, J. Harry's trees / Jon Cohen.
FICTION CONNOLLY, J. The woman in the woods / John Connolly.
FICTION CRACE, J. The melody / Jim Crace.
FICTION CUSK, R. Kudos / Rachel Cusk.
FICTION DALLAS, S. The patchwork bride / Sandra Dallas.
FICTION DE LEON, A. The accidental mistress / Aya de León.
FICTION DEWITT, H. Some trick : thirteen stories / Helen DeWitt.
FICTION DION, K. The dependents : a novel / Katharine Dion.
FICTION DYBEK, N. The Verdun Affair : a novel / Nick Dybek.
FICTION DYER, A. Splinter in the blood : a novel / Ashley Dyer.
FICTION FALKOFF, M. Questions I want to ask you / Michelle Falkoff.
FICTION FAYE, G. Small country : a novel / Gaël Faye ; translated from the French by Sarah Ardizzone.
FICTION FINGER, A. A woman, in bed / Anne Finger.
FICTION GAY, R. Ayiti / Roxane Gay.
FICTION GOODMAN, J. A touch of flame / Jo Goodman.
FICTION GRANT, D. Torched / Donna Grant.
FICTION GROFF, L. Florida / Lauren Groff.
FICTION HARDT, H. Misadventures with a rock star / Helen Hardt.
FICTION HAWLEY, N. A conspiracy of tall men / Noah Hawley.
FICTION HILDERBRAND, E. The perfect couple : a novel / Elin Hilderbrand.
FICTION HILLIER, J. Jar of hearts / Jennifer Hillier.
FICTION HOANG, H. The kiss quotient / Helen Hoang.
FICTION HUMMEL, M. Still lives : a novel / Maria Hummel.
FICTION HUNTING, H. I flipping love you / Helena Hunting.
FICTION IMMERGUT, D.J. The captives : a novel / Debra Jo Immergut.
FICTION JAMES, E. Too Wilde to wed / Eloisa James.
FICTION JOHNSON, C. Treeborne / Caleb Johnson.
FICTION KEPNES, C. Providence : a novel / Caroline Kepnes.
FICTION KING, L.R. Island of the mad : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes / Laurie R. King.
FICTION KING, S. The outsider : a novel / Stephen King.
FICTION KNECHT, R. Who is Vera Kelly? / Rosalie Knecht.
FICTION KNOLL, J. The favorite sister : a novel / Jessica Knoll.
FICTION KOSLOW, S. Another side of paradise : a novel / Sally Koslow.
FICTION LAURIN, N. What my sister knew / Nina Laurin.
FICTION LOCK, N. The wreckage of Eden / Norman Lock.
FICTION LOVERING, C. Tell me lies : a novel / Carola Lovering.
FICTION MADEN, M. Tom Clancy line of sight / Mike Maden.
FICTION MAKKAI, R. The great believers / Rebecca Makkai.
FICTION MCKENNA, C. The Spinster Wife / Christina McKenna.
FICTION MCLAUGHLLIN, J.A. Bearskin / James A. McLaughlin.
FICTION MEYERSON, A. The bookshop of yesterdays / Amy Meyerson.
FICTION MILLET, L. Fight no more : stories / Lydia Millet.
FICTION MIRZA, F.F. A place for us : a novel / Fatima Farheen Mirza.
FICTION MOLLOY, A. The perfect mother : a novel / Aimee Molloy.
FICTION MORROW, B.C. Mem : a novel / Bethany C. Morrow.
FICTION MURATA, S. Convenience store woman / Sayaka Murata ; translated from the Japanese by Ginny Tapley Takemori.
FICTION NASH, C. The Paris wedding : a novel / Charlotte Nash.
FICTION NOBLE, S. Lighthouse beach / Shelley Noble.
FICTION NUGENT, L. Lying in wait / Liz Nugent.
FICTION OATES, J.C. Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense / Joyce Carol Oates.
FICTION ORANGE, T. There there / Tommy Orange.
FICTION PARIS, B.A. Bring me back / B.A. Paris.
FICTION PEARSON, A. How hard can it be? / Allison Pearson.
FICTION PEKKANEN, S. The ever after : a novel / Sarah Pekkanen.
FICTION PERRI, C. When Katie met Cassidy / Camille Perri.
FICTION PITTARD, H. Visible empire / Hannah Pittard.
FICTION PLETT, C. Little fish / Casey Plett.
FICTION PRESTON, D.J. The pharaoh key : a Gideon Crew novel / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
FICTION REARDON, B. The real Michael Swann : a novel / Bryan Reardon.
FICTION REED, J.M. We begin our ascent / Joe Mungo Reed.
FICTION REGAN, K. Little big love / Katy Regan.
FICTION RIPLEY N. Find you in the dark / Nathan Ripley.
FICTION ROBARDS, K. The Moscow deception / Karen Robards,
FICTION RUTGER, M. The anomaly / Michael Rutger.
FICTION SACKS, M. You were made for this : a novel / Michelle Sacks.
FICTION SAUNDRA If it ain't about the money / Saundra.
FICTION SERONG, J. On the Java Ridge / Jock Serong.
FICTION SHEPHERD, P. The book of M / Peng Shepherd.
FICTION SHERIDAN, M. More than words : a love story / Mia Sheridan.
FICTION SINGH, N. Ocean light / Nalini Singh.
FICTION SOLI, T. The Removes / Tatjana Soli.
FICTION STEADMAN, C. Something in the water : a novel / Catherine Steadman.
FICTION THOMSON, R. Never anyone but you / Rupert Thomson.
FICTION VALMORBIDA, E. The madonna of the mountains : a novel / Elise Valmorbida.
FICTION VILLAREAL, R.A. A people's history of the vampire uprising : a novel / by Raymond A. Villareal.
FICTION WAX, W. Best beach ever / Wendy Wax.
FICTION WEIR, M.M. The book of Essie / Meghan MacLean Weir.
FICTION WEISBERGER, L. When life gives you lululemons : a novel / Lauren Weisberger.
FICTION WHITE, B. A rebel heart / Beth White.
FICTION WHITE, K. Dreams of falling / Karen White.
FICTION WHITE, N. Sweet and low : stories / Nick White.
FICTION WILLIAMS, K. Tell the machine goodnight / Katie Williams.
FICTION WISE, S. The emperor of shoes : a novel / Spencer Wise.
FICTION WOOD, J. Upstate / James Wood.
FICTION WOODS, S. Turbulence / Stuart Woods.
GRAPHIC NOVEL 355.42 MAR The communist manifesto [graphic novel] / Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels ; adapted by Martin Rowson
GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN Batman. Vol. 5, The rules of engagement / Tom King, writer ; Joelle Jones, Clay Mann, Lee Weeks, Michael Lark, Seth Mann, artists ; Jordie Bellaire, Elizabeth Breitweiser, June Chung, colorists ; Clayton Cowles, Deron Bennett, letterers.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BATWOMAN Batwoman. Vol. 2, Wonderland / Marguerite Bennett, K. Perkins, writers ; Fernando Blanco, Scott Godlewski, Marc Laming, artists ; John Rauch, colorist ; Deron Bennett, letterer.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BIOGRAPHY RIZZO, M. The hunting accident : a true story of crime and poetry / David L. Carlson, Landis Blair.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BLACK PANTHER Black panther. Book 5, Avengers of the new world, Part 2 / Ta-Nehisi Coates, writer ; VC's Joe Sabino, letterer.
GRAPHIC NOVEL CYBORG Cyborg. Vol. 3, Singularity / John Semper Jr., Kevin Grevioux, writers ; Will Conrad, Wayne Faucher, Allan Jefferson, Cliff Richards, artists ; Ivan Nunes, Gabe Eltaeb, colorists ; Rob Leigh, letterer ; Eric Canete and Guy Major, collection cover artists.
GRAPHIC NOVEL DC Dark days : the road to metal / Scott Snyder.
GRAPHIC NOVEL DIXON The epic of Gilgamesh / translated by Kent H. Dixon ; illustrated by Kevin H. Dixon ; introduction by Russ Kick.
GRAPHIC NOVEL ELLIS The wild storm. Vol. 2 / Warren Ellis, writer ; Jon Davis-Hunt, artist ; Steve Buccellato, colorist ; Simon Bowland, letterer.
GRAPHIC NOVEL FLETCHER Motor crush. Vol. 2 / creators, Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart ; color assistants, Heather Danforth, Victoria Evans, Ellen Alsop ; lettering, Aditya Bidikar ; editor, Jennifer M. Smith.
GRAPHIC NOVEL GREEN ARROW Green Arrow. Vol. 5, Hard-traveling hero / Benjamin Percy, writer ; Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra, Stephen Byrne, Jamal Campbell, artists and colorists ; Nate Piekos of Blambot, letterer.
GRAPHIC NOVEL HALO Halo : rise of Atriox / scripts, Cullen Bunn [and three others] ; art, Josan Gonzalez [and three others] ; colors, Jeremy Colwell, Lee Loughridge ; lettering, Simon Bowland ; front cover art, Aleksi Briclot.
GRAPHIC NOVEL HELLBOY Seed of destruction / Mike Mignola.
GRAPHIC NOVEL HULK Hulk. Return to Planet Hulk / Greg Pak, writer ; Greg Land, penciler ; Jay Leisten, inker ; Frank D'Armata, color artist ; VC's Cory Petit, letterer.
GRAPHIC NOVEL MAUREL Luisa now and then / Carole Maurel [story & art] ; [English-language adaption by] Mariko Tamaki ; [translation, Nanette McGuinness].
GRAPHIC NOVEL O'MALLEY Snotgirl. Vol. 2, California screaming / script: Bryan Lee O'Malley ; art: Leslie Hung ; colors: Rachael Cohen ; lettering: Maré Odomo ; created by Bryan Lee O'Malley & Leslie Hung.
GRAPHIC NOVEL REMENDER Tokyo ghost / writer, Rick Remender ; artist, Sean Murphy ; colors, Matt Hollingsworth ; letters, Rus Wooton.
GRAPHIC NOVEL RICHARDSON The Occultist omnibus / story by Mike Richardson and Tim Seeley ; script by Tim Seeley ; art by Victor Drujiniu and Mike Norton.
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Star Wars : Darth Vader : dark lord of the Sith. Vol. 2, Legacy's end / writer, Charles Soule ; penciler, Giuseppe Camuncoli ; inker, Daniele Orlandini ; colorist, David Curiel ; letterer, VC's Joe Caramagna.
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Star wars. Poe Dameron. Vol. 4, Legend found / writers, Charles Soule, Robbie Thompson ; artists, Angel Unzueta, Nik Virella ; color artists, Arif Prianto, Jordan Boyd ; letterer, VC's Joe Caramagna.
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Star Wars. Vol. 7, The ashes of Jedha / writer, Kieron Gillen ; artist, Salvador Larroca, color artist, Guru-eFX ; letterer, VC's Joe Caramagna.
GRAPHIC NOVEL SUPERGIRL Supergirl : being super / Mariko Tamaki, writer ; Joelle Jones, artist ; Sandu Florea, inker (chapter one) ; Kelly Fitzpatrick, colorist ; Saida Temofonte, letterer ; Joelle Jones and Kelly Fitzpatrick ; collection cover artists.
GRAPHIC NOVEL WHERE Where we live : a benefit for the survivors in Las Vegas / edited by Will Dennis.
HUMOR NOVAK, J. Et tu, Brutèe? : the deaths of the Roman emperors / Jason Novak.
HUMOR PAPA, T. Your dad stole my rake and other family dilemmas / Tom Papa.
HUMOR SCHWARTZ, D. Choose your own disaster : A. a memoir, B. a personality quiz, C. a mostly true and completely honest look at one young woman's attempt to find herself, D. all of the above / Dana Schwartz.
LARGE TYPE 234.23 CAR Faith : a journey for all / by Jimmy Carter.
LARGE TYPE 328.73 MCC The restless wave : good times, just causes, great fights and other appreciations / John McCain and Mark Salter.
LARGE TYPE 363.61 HAN What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city / Mona Hanna-Attisha.
LARGE TYPE 364.152 RIC Mrs. Sherlock Holmes [large print] : the true story of New York City's greatest female detective and the 1917 missing girl case that captivated a nation / Brad Ricca.
LARGE TYPE 364.1523 PAT Murder, interrupted / James Patterson with Alex Abramovich and Christopher Charles.
LARGE TYPE 959.7043 WRI Enduring Vietnam : an American generation and its war / James Wright.
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY KENNEDY, R.F. Robert F. Kennedy : ripples of hope : Kerry Kennedy in conversation with heads of state, business leaders, influencers, and activists about her father's impact on their lives / Kerry Kennedy.
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY WESTOVER, T. Educated [large print] : a memoir / Tara Westover.
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY WOODS, T. Tiger Woods / Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BACKMAN, F. Us against you / By Fredrik Backman ; translated by Neil Smith.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BIJAN, D. The last days of Cafe Leila / by Donia Bijan.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BROWN, D. The Moscow offensive / Dale Brown.
LARGE TYPE FICTION CROOK, E. The which way tree / by Elizabeth Crook.
LARGE TYPE FICTION CROUCH, B. The last town / Blake Crouch.
LARGE TYPE FICTION DARZNIK, J. Song of a captive bird / by Jasmin Darznik.
LARGE TYPE FICTION DEKKER, T. The 49th Mystic / by Ted Dekker.
LARGE TYPE FICTION FRANK, D.B. By invitation only : a novel / Dorothea Benton Frank.
LARGE TYPE FICTION GANSHERT, K. No one ever asked / Katie Ganshert.
LARGE TYPE FICTION GIBSON, R. The art of running in heels / Rachel Gibson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION GROFF, L. Florida / Lauren Groff.
LARGE TYPE FICTION HARMEL, K. The room on Rue Amélie / Kristin Harmel.
LARGE TYPE FICTION HENDERSON, S. The flicker of old dreams / by Susan Henderson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION HILDERBRAND, E. The perfect couple : a novel / Elin Hilderbrand.
LARGE TYPE FICTION KING, S. The outsider / by Stephen King.
LARGE TYPE FICTION LINDEN, R. Becoming the Talbot sisters / Rachel Linden.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MADEN, M. Tom Clancy Line of sight / Mike Maden.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MAH, A. The lost vintage : a novel / Ann Mah.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MARTIN, C. Send down the rain / Charles Martin.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MCLAUGHLIN, J.A. Bearskin / James A. McLaughlin.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MIRZA, F.F. A place for us / Fatima Farheen Mirza.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MONROE, M.A. Beach house reunion / Mary Alice Monroe.
LARGE TYPE FICTION ORANGE, T. There there : a novel / Tommy Orange.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PEARS, T. The wanderers / Tim Pears.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PEARSON, A. How hard can it be? / by Allison Pearson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION POWELL, L. The unforgotten : a novel / Laura Powell.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PRESTON, D.J. The pharaoh key / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
LARGE TYPE FICTION ROBARDS, K. The Moscow deception / Karen Robards.
LARGE TYPE FICTION ROBERTS, N. Shelter in place / Nora Roberts.
LARGE TYPE FICTION SHALVIS, J. Rainy day friends : a novel / Jill Shalvis.
LARGE TYPE FICTION SHEETS, T. Don't call me cupcake / Tara Sheets.
LARGE TYPE FICTION THAYER, N. A Nantucket wedding : a novel / Nancy Thayer.
LARGE TYPE FICTION WEISBERGER, L. When life gives you lululemons / Lauren Weisberger.
LARGE TYPE FICTION WOODS, S. Turbulence / Stuart Woods.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY BLACK, C. Murder on the Quai / Cara Black.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY BROWN, R.M. Probable claws / Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown ; illustrated by Michael Gellatly.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY FINCH, C. The woman in the water / Charles Finch.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY HOROWITZ, A. The word is murder : a novel / Anthony Horowitz.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY KING, L.R. Island of the Mad : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes / Laurie R. King.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY KRUEGER, W.K. Ordinary grace / William Kent Krueger.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY THOMPSON, V. Murder on Union Square : a gaslight mystery / Victoria Thompson.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY THOMSON, E.S. Dark asylum / E. S. Thomson.
MANGA HATORI Behind the scenes!!. 05 / story and art by Bisco Hatori ; English translation & adaptation, John Werry.
MANGA HORIKOSHI My hero academia. 13 / story and art by K¿⁻hei Horikoshi ; translation & English adaptation, Caleb Cook.
MANGA SHIMURA Sweet blue flowers. 4 / [story and art by Takako Shimura]
MYSTERY BLACK, C. Murder on the Left Bank / Cara Black.
MYSTERY BROWN, E. Murder takes a turn : a Langham and Dupré mysery / Eric Brown.
MYSTERY BUCKLEY, F. The reluctant assassin : an Ursula Blanchard mystery / Fiona Buckley.
MYSTERY BUDEWITZ, L. As the Christmas cookie crumbles / Leslie Budewitz.
MYSTERY COCHRAN, P. Bought the farm / Peggy Cochran.
MYSTERY GATES, E. The spook in the stacks / Eva Gates.
MYSTERY GENTILL, D. Gentlemen formerly dressed : a Rowland Sinclair mystery / Sulari Gentill.
MYSTERY GOLDBERG, L. A study in treason : a daughter of Sherlock Holmes mystery / Leonard Goldberg.
MYSTERY GOLDMAN, M. Broken ice / Matt Goldman.
MYSTERY GRAHAM, S. Yosemite fall / by Scott Graham.
MYSTERY GUNN, E. Burning Meredith / Elizabeth Gunn.
MYSTERY HANNAH, D. Cherry pies & deadly lies / Darci Hannah.
MYSTERY HAOHUI, Z. Death notice : a novel / Zhou Haohui ; translated by Zac Haluza.
MYSTERY HARRIS, G. Framingham fiend : a Colin Pendragon mystery / Gregory Harris.
MYSTERY HARRIS, S.J. The color of Bee Larkham's murder : a novel / Sarah J. Harris.
MYSTERY HETHERTON, J.G. Last girl gone / J. G. Hetherton.
MYSTERY HIRSCH, P. The devil's half mile / Paddy Hirsch.
MYSTERY HOROWITZ, A. The word is murder : a novel / Anthony Horowitz.
MYSTERY HOUSTON, V. Dead firefly / Victoria Houston.
MYSTERY KHAN, V. Murder at the Grand Raj Palace / Vaseem Khan.
MYSTERY KIDD, C. Death and a pot of chowder : a Maine murder mystery / Cornelia Kidd.
MYSTERY KIES, T. Darkness Lane : a Geneva Chase mystery / Thomas Kies.
MYSTERY KORETO, R.J. The body in the ballroom / R.J. Koreto.
MYSTERY LA PLANTE, L. Widows / Lynda La Plante.
MYSTERY LEVINE, P. Bum deal / Paul Levine.
MYSTERY MCCAULEY, T. The Fairfax incident / Terrence McCauley.
MYSTERY MOODY, S. Quick on the draw / Susan Moody.
MYSTERY PERSSON, L.G.W. The sword of justice  / Leif GW Persson ; translated from the Swedish by Neil Smith.
MYSTERY POTZSCH, O. The council of twelve / Oliver Pötzsch ; translated by Lisa Reinhardt.
MYSTERY RIGGS, C. Widow's wreath : a Martha's Vineyard mystery / Cynthia Riggs.
MYSTERY TOWNSEND, P. See her run : an Aloa Snow mystery / Peggy Townsend.
MYSTERY WALKER, M. A taste for vengeance : a Bruno, chief of police novel / Martin Walker.
MYSTERY ZISKIN, J.W. A stone's throw : an Ellie Stone mystery / James W. Ziskin.
SF/F BROOKS, T. The Skaar invasion / Terry Brooks.
SF/F BUTCHER, J. Brief cases : more stories from the Dresden files / Jim Butcher.
SF/F CAREY, J. Starless / Jacqueline Carey.
SF/F EDWARDS, K.D. The last sun / K.D. Edwards.
SF/F FRENCH, J. The grey bastards / Jonathan French.
SF/F HOLMBERG, C.N. The plastic magician / Charlie N. Holmberg.
SF/F HUFF, T. The privilege of peace / Tanya Huff.
SF/F KIERNAN, C.R. Black helicopters / Caitlin R. Kiernan.
SF/F LACKEY, M. The hills have spies / Mercedes Lackey.
SF/F MCAULTY, T. The robots of Gotham / Todd McAulty.
SF/F POLK, C.L. Witchmark / C.L. Polk.
SF/F ROMANO-LAX, A. Plum rains / Andromeda Romano-Lax.
SF/F SHORT STORIES LOW Low Chicago: a wild cards mosaic novel / edited by George R. R. Martin ; assisted by Melinda M. Snodgrass.
SF/F WATTS, P. The freeze-frame revolution / Peter Watts.
SPANISH FICTION ROMERO, R.M. El fabricante de muñecas / R.M. Romero ; traducción de Jorge Rizzo.
TEEN FICTION ALTEBRANDO, T. The opposite of here / Tara Altebrando.
TEEN FICTION BANNEN, M. The bird and the blade / Megan Bannen.
TEEN FICTION BELANGER, M. The history of Jane Doe / Michael Belanger.
TEEN FICTION BUXBAUM, J. What to say next / Julie Buxbaum.
TEEN FICTION CALLAHAN, E. The art of escaping / Erin Callahan.
TEEN FICTION CHAN, C. All that I can fix / Crystal Chan.
TEEN FICTION CHANDLER, K. Thief of happy endings / Kristen Chandler.
TEEN FICTION CHARBONNEAU, J. Eden conquered  / Joelle Charbonneau.
TEEN FICTION CRIBBS, G. The disappearance of Sloane Sullivan / Gia Cribbs.
TEEN FICTION DEVOS, K. Fat girl on a plane : a novel / by Kelly Devos.
TEEN FICTION EGLINGTON, T. Kissing games : a novel / Tara Eglington.
TEEN FICTION ELKELES, S. Crossing the line / Simone Elkeles.
TEEN FICTION EVANSLEY, A. Love scene, take two / Alex Evansley.
TEEN FICTION FRIEND, N. How we roll / by Natasha Friend.
TEEN FICTION GOLDSTEIN, M. Chemistry lessons / Meredith Goldstein.
TEEN FICTION GRIFFIN, A. Tell me no lies / Adele Griffin.
TEEN FICTION HOWARD, G. Social intercourse / Greg Howard.
TEEN FICTION KARIM, S. Mariam Sharma hits the road / Sheba Karim.
TEEN FICTION KISNER, A. Dear Rachel Maddow : a novel / Adrienne Kisner.
TEEN FICTION LEON, K. Summer of salt / Katrina Leno.
TEEN FICTION MATSON, M. Save the date / Morgan Matson ; [illustrations, Eric Sailer, Eleanor Grant.]
TEEN FICTION MCNAMARA, M. The unbinding of Mary Reade / Miriam McNamara.
TEEN FICTION NELSON, B. Phoebe will destroy you / by Blake Nelson.
TEEN FICTION NORTON, P. Neanderthal opens the door to the universe / Preston Norton.
TEEN FICTION PEREZ, K. Sweet black waves / Kristina Perez.
TEEN FICTION PESSL, M. Neverworld wake / Marisha Pessl.
TEEN FICTION REDGATE, R. Final draft / Riley Redgate.
TEEN FICTION RISSI, A.M. Always forever maybe / Anica Mrose Rissi.
TEEN FICTION SAGE, E. Jacked up / Erica Sage.
TEEN FICTION SCHNEIDER, R. Invisible ghosts / Robyn Schneider.
TEEN FICTION SINEL, N. Soulstruck / Natasha Sinel.
TEEN FICTION SPOTSWOOD, J. The last summer of the Garrett girls / Jessica Spotswood.
TEEN FICTION STEIGER, A.J. Mindstormer / A.J. Steiger.
TEEN FICTION STOKES, M.E. Fadeaway / Maura Ellen Stokes.
TEEN FICTION SWAIN, H. Super moon / H.A. Swain.
TEEN FICTION TAHIR, S. A reaper at the gates : a novel / by Sabaa Tahir.
TEEN FICTION TOLCSER, S. Whisper of the tide : a song of the current novel / by Sarah Tolcser.
TEEN FICTION TORRES SANCHEZ, J. The fall of innocence / Jenny Torres Sanchez.
TEEN FICTION WAKEFIELD, V. Ballad for a mad girl / Vikki Wakefield.
TEEN FICTION WILLIAMS, N. Almost impossible / Nicole Williams.
TEEN FICTION WOLFE, R.H. The fallen star / Robert Hewitt Wolfe.