Active in the Galleries

Active in the Galleries

North Gallery 
Common Ground: Works by Krista Varsbergs
Featured: Maple Grove 6 (detail)
On display through May 31

From where you are standing right now, Maple Grove Forest is 0.9 miles away. All these landscape drawings were done in proximity to this library—in DuPage County Forest Preserves and Downers Grove Parks—on public land that is a significant part of this area that I call home. Like our library, these bits of nature amidst the sprawling metropolitan area of Chicago are a part of our “common ground.” They are places and spaces accessible to all.  

I relish the bits of nature that haven’t been turned into parking lots. Maybe because of my “free-range” childhood in rural Michigan, where I felt like a feral nature kid, woods are still the magical places where I lose—and find—myself. When drawing on site, I’m less interested in making an “accurate” depiction of what I see than in paying attention to the way I experience the woods, and move through them, even while standing still.

Café Gallery 
Photos by Rick Tapio
Featured: Heritage Festival Eagles Ride (detail)

On display through May 31

Meet photographer Rick Tapio on Sun., May 20, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

My name is Rick Tapio and I live in Downers Grove. Photography has been my passion for about 50 years. I have studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College, Governors State and the University of Illinois in Urbana. I have attended workshops presented by Howard Bond, Morely Baer, Al Weber, and Ansel Adams. Professionally, I have photographed for the University of Illinois Alumni Association, the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, Promotional Products Association International, and the Downers Grove Reporter.

Now, I just photograph for enjoyment. These images were taken at Heritage Fest/Rotary GroveFest over a number of years, the Ice Festival, and at various parks and forest preserves in Downers Grove. Some fun facts about to know:

• The camera used in capturing these images is a wooden large format camera that has bellows and a ground glass.

• The film used is 4" X 5" in size.

•  The photographs are all processed in a “wet” darkroom.

• The photographs are silver prints, which means the image is created using real silver metal, not ink.

• These photographs are archivally processed, which should last over 500 years and not fade.