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Professional Art Quilt Alliance (PAQA)

North and Café Galleries

On display through February 28


PAQA was formed in 1993 to develop a new group aimed toward the innovative art quilt and art garment field. As part of this effort, known art quilters and garment artists were invited, and an open door policy for new members was established.


Approximately 120 active members bring and show their work, encourage new artists in the field, network, discuss professional issues, and share wisdom, experience and friendship. Numerous individuals are renowned nationally and internationally for their art work, teaching, and publications in the innovative art quilt and wearable art fields.


The works exhibited here are part of the Intentional Improvisation Challenge. Participants were challenged to depart from their familiar ways of working to discover new ideas, themes, and techniques. Members were encouraged to start with one design idea and let it evolve. This method of working is called Intentional Improvisation.


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Featured: Fabrics I Have Known and Loved by Jo Mortland (detail)