Staff Directory

Julie Milavec
Library Director
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4300
Julie came to the library in August 2016, during the 125th anniversary year for the library. She looks forward to leading the way into the next 125 years of service for the Downers Grove Library. She is an avid audiobook reader because they allow her to read while gardening and walking her dog, two of her other favorite pastimes.
Jen Fredericks
Assistant Director
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4299
Jen joined the library in December 2013. She is passionate about the library and enjoys connecting to and serving patrons in a meaningful way. She especially loves listening to patrons share their stories. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with family, spending time in her garden, and relaxing with a good book.
Katelyn Vabalaitis
Executive Assistant
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4245
Sophia Vaughn
Administrative Assistant
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4246