Staff Directory

Paul Regis
Information Technology Manager
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4291
Since joining the library in 2006, Paul has worked many different IT-related positions. His previous employers described him as "a good son" and "get out of my garage". He is excited to see what advances in artificial intelligence will offer, mainly so that he will never again have to think about what to have for dinner. He relaxes by harassing his two cats, and he swears he will get around to reading one of these days.
Ed Bromiel
Media Lab Coordinator
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4309
Computer Help Desk
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4288
Lauren Cantore Gonzalez
Computer Help Desk Supervisor
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4293
Annie Jagielski
Technology Trainer
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4294
Max Mogavero
Assistant IT Manager
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4292