Staff Directory

Allyson Renell
Children's Services Manager
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4260
Allyson joined the library in October 2015 after moving back to Illinois from Coastal Virginia. She loves helping kids and their families use and enjoy the library's programs and services. In her free time she enjoys cooking, eating, traveling, and sharing stories.
Sharon Hrycewicz
Children's Librarian, Reference & Technology Coordinator
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4261
Kids Room Desk
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4279
Erin Linsenmeyer
Children's Librarian, School Liaison
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4263
Traci Skocik
Children's Librarian, Program Coordinator
(630) 960-1200 ext. 4262