Anything Emporium


The Anything Emporium is a collection of unusual items:
try out new technology, find the right tool for the job, and be entertained! 


Items in the Anything Emporium:

  • Are available to any library cardholder in the SWAN system

  • Have a loan period of two-weeks

  • Cannot be renewed

  • May only be placed on hold by DGPL cardholders

Check availability for Anything Emporium items.


Adult and Teen Services

Check out any of these items at the 2nd Floor Ask Us Desk.

  • Kindle Paperwhite eReaders

  • Roku: Plug the Roku into your TV and stream online content

  • Portable CD Player

  • Nintendo 3DS: Compatible with Nintendo 3DS and DS games

  • VR (virtual reality) Headset



Check out any of these items at the 2nd Floor Computer Help Desk.

  • VHS to DVD converters 

  • Photography backdrop kit 

  • DSLR cameras 

  • Wireless hotspots 

  • Film and slide scanner 

  • GoPro camera 

  • TI-83 Plus graphing calculator 

  • Slide projector 


Kids Room

Check out any of these items at the 1st Floor Kids Room Desk.

  • Bloxel Builder: Create the heroes, levels, and art for a video game you design. Includes gameboard, colored blocks, instruction sheets, and iPad kit with the installed app.

  • Bloxels Star Wars Kit: Play missions with classic heroes and villains and create your own Star Wars universe.  Includes Bloxel Star Wars game board and colored blocks. iPad required.

  • Botley: Complete multiple challenges with this screen-free coding robot – from following a line to working through an obstacle course that you create.

  • Cubelets: Create robots with these modular robotic cubes. Sense block + act block + battery = robot.  What combinations can you create? Includes 12 cubes.

  • Cubetto: A wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play. Ages 3+

  • 3Doodler: 3Doodler Start is a 3D pen that uses eco-plastic that is biodegradable, BPA-free, and melts at low temperatures.

  • Dash Robot: An app-based friendly robot reacts to its surroundings and coding.  Includes Dash robot, xylophone attachment, and iPad kit with installed apps.

  • Little Bits Droid Inventor Kit: Assemble your own droid and bring it to life using Little Bits electronic building blocks.  Includes Droid Kit, iPad Kit with the app installed.

  • Microscope and Slides: See things that are too small to be seen.  Includes microscope, glass slides, ink pads.

  • Osmo Coding Awbie: Help Awbie explore the world while learning the basics of computer programming, by playing an iPad game with magnetic game pieces.

  • Osmo Genius Kit: Stay well-rounded as you work on an assortment of STEAM skills by playing games with an iPad. Draw, write, and improve fine motor skills with Masterpiece; work on physics awareness with Newton; Numbers and Tanagram challenge with math-related topics, and Words focuses on letter and word recognition.

  • Ozobot Avenger Kit: Learn basic coding and create a path for Ozobot to follow. Ozobot reads lines and colors and interprets these as code. Includes 2 Ozobot Evo, Hulk skin, Black Widow skin, 2 chargers, and How-to booklet.

  • Sewing Machine: Make your own pillowcase (or more)! This machine is the same as the ones used in the popular Sew What program series.

  • Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit: Learn about circuitry using conductive clay, LED lights, and a battery pack. Includes conductive and insulating clay, accessories, and battery pack.

  • Snap Circuit Light: Learn electronics and light science with over 175 different and fun projects.  Use building blocks with snaps to build electrical and electronic circuits in the project book. Each block has a function – finish the project by making sure each component is connected making a circuit. Includes Snap Circuit Model SCL-175, booklet, and batteries.

  • Telescope for Beginners: Explore your distant surroundings and the wonder of the night sky. Includes telescope with small scope, interchangeable lenses, and two books about the night sky.

  • ThinkFun Circuit Maze: Use logic and sequential reasoning skills to create a circuit.  Create a real electrical circuit that lights up designated beacons using sixty challenge cards.  Includes ThinkFun CircuitMaze game with 60 challenge cards (with solution) and batteries.

  • ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge: Create roller coaster rides by solving the challenge cards and using logic and creativity in this engineering challenge. Includes ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge game with 40 challenges (and solutions).


Email with questions or suggestions for other items that we might add to the Anything Emporium.