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Here are some novels and music I've been obsessed with for the past few months.

My favorite storytime selections, enjoy!

Here's a list inspired by tall trees, campfires, and solitude. 

These dark winter days are great for reading dark, twisty mysteries – these won't disappoint.

The overuse of Buzzwords prompts me to learn more about their real meaning.

Sit back and savor the last slow moments of summer with these picks.

I've always been passionate about music and the Arts, I hope you enjoy these talented artists.

In the U.S.,130 people die each day from overdoses, find out how it is affecting our community.

Here are some of my favorites oldies, I like to think of them as contemporary classics.

Time to go on a road trip through the vast void of space, the endless river of time, and the infinite possibilities of the multiverse.

Some of my favorite books include Jane Austen retellings, enjoy!