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Here are my top 10 movies of last year.

Listening to audiobooks helps make the time go by while I organize my life.

I'm excited to share some of the movies that I quote on a regular basis. 

These dark winter days are great for reading dark, twisty mysteries – these won't disappoint.

I knew Jyn from Rogue One as Catherine Moreland. Now, I'm in a Jane Austen comedy binge!

I love a soundtrack of raindrops when I read on my porch in the spring.

March into April with these inspirational stories.

One in five Americans suffers from mental illness. Enlighten yourself with selections about mental health issues.

I have found that books can be a comfort while grieving. Here are some that might help.

Despite not having any Irish blood, I am obsessed with Ireland, its culture and its literature. 

Here are some books and shows that remind me of Welcome to Night Vale.

Try these novels in verse.  All the plot, conflict, and characters with just the important words!