Learn about our favorite books and hobbies, and contact us for recommendations. Find your next favorite book from staff who like the same things you like!

Here are some of my favorite mini series Downers Grove Public Library has to offer.

Here are some of my favorite inclusive books celebrating people with disabilities. 

Here are some of my favorite books from my childhood and early teens.

These dark winter days are great for reading dark, twisty mysteries – these won't disappoint.

I have a bilingual home, so intuition, emotion, and actions speak as loudly to me as words.

If you need a book for the beach, pool, or your own backyard, these are perfect!

I hope these selections will help you achieve your summer fitness goals.

Anne Frank is synonymous with the Holocaust, here are other books on the Holocaust or from survivors.

I recently enjoyed the book A Gentleman in Moscow; it piqued my interest in Russian history.

Reading about history is one thing, solving a mystery while learning about the past is another!

A list of my favorite beach reads for summer 2019, fun books to while away the day.