New Fiction

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Item Call Number Author Title
FICTION ARNETT, K.N. Arnett, Kristen N., Mostly dead things : a novel /
FICTION BAUERMEISTER, E. Bauermeister, Erica, The scent keeper /
FICTION BERMAN, M. Berman, Mandy, The learning curve : a novel /
FICTION BONNIER, J. Bonnier, Jonas, The helicopter heist : a novel based on true events /
FICTION BRADFORD, L. Bradford, Laura, A daughter's truth /
FICTION BRYANT, N. Bryant, Niobia, Madam, may I /
FICTION BURGESS, B. Burgess, Ben, Love and happiness /
FICTION CASARES, O. Cásares, Oscar, Where we come from : a novel /
FICTION CHAPMAN, R. Chapman, Ryan, Riots I have known /
FICTION CHRISTOPHER, A. Christopher, Adam, Darkness on the edge of town /
FICTION CLANCY, T. Rovin, Jeff, Tom Clancy's Op-Center.
FICTION CLEVELAND, K. Cleveland, Karen, Keep you close : a novel /
FICTION COBBS, E. Cobbs, Elizabeth, The Tubman command : a novel /
FICTION COLE, C. Cole, Courtney Mine /
FICTION CONLON, E. Conlon, Edward, The policewoman's bureau : a novel /
FICTION DAILEY, J. Dailey, Janet, It's a Christmas thing /
FICTION DONLEA, C. Donlea, Charlie, Some choose darkness /
FICTION EDWARDS, E. Edwards, Eldonna, Clover Blue /
FICTION FERENCIK, E. Ferencik, Erica, Into the jungle /
FICTION FLORES, F.A. Flores, Fernando A., Tears of the trufflepig /
FICTION FRANK, D.B. Frank, Dorothea Benton, Queen bee : a novel /
FICTION FRIIS, A. Friis, Agnete, The summer of Ellen /
FICTION FROST, R. Frost, Ronan, White Peak /
FICTION HARDT, H. Hardt, Helen, Undefeated /
FICTION HARPER, K. Harper, Karen (Karen S.), Dark storm /
FICTION HOPSTAKEN, S. Hopstaken, Steven, Stoker's Wilde /
FICTION HORNBY, N. Hornby, Nick, State of the union : a marriage in ten parts /
FICTION HOWLAND, B. Howland, Bette, Calm sea and prosperous voyage : selected stories /
FICTION IRVING, N. Irving, Nicholas, Threat zero : a sniper novel /
FICTION JOHNS, A. Johns, Ana, The woman in the white kimono /
FICTION JOHNSTONE, W.W. Johnstone, William W., A Jensen family Christmas /
FICTION JOHNSTONE, W.W. Johnstone, William W., Hang them slowly /
FICTION JOHNSTONE, W.W. Johnstone, William W., Riding shotgun /
FICTION KEANE, M.B. Keane, Mary Beth, Ask again, yes : a novel /
FICTION KRAUSE, S. Krause, Suzy, Valencia and Valentine /
FICTION LAMBDIN, D. Lambdin, Dewey, Much ado about Lewrie : an Alan Lewrie naval adventure /
FICTION LAYNE, L. Layne, Lauren, Passion on Park Avenue /
FICTION LEE, P. Lee, Patrick, Dark site /
FICTION LLOYD, A. Lloyd, Amy, One more lie /
FICTION MCKENZIE, C. McKenzie, Catherine, I'll never tell /
FICTION MCKINNON, H.M. McKinnon, Hannah Mary, Her secret son /
FICTION MICHEALS, F. Michaels, Fern, Hot shot /
FICTION MICHEALS, F. Michaels, Fern, Hot shot /
FICTION MILLER, M. Miller, Mary, Biloxi : a novel /
FICTION MURPHY, T. Murphy, Timothy, Correspondents : a novel /
FICTION OLEARY, B. O'Leary, Beth, The flatshare /
FICTION PARKER, M. Parker, Michael, Prairie fever : a novel /
FICTION PATTERSON, J. Patterson, James, Unsolved /
FICTION PETERSON, H. Peterson, Holly, It's hot in the Hamptons : a novel /
FICTION PITONIAK, A. Pitoniak, Anna, Necessary people : a novel /
FICTION RAGNAR JONASSON Ragnar Jónasson, The island : a thriller /
FICTION RILEY, L. Riley, Lucinda, The royal secret : a novel /
FICTION ROPER, R. Roper, Richard, How not to die alone /
FICTION RUTA, D. Ruta, Domenica, Last day : a novel /
FICTION SACHS, A.E. Sachs, Adam Ehrlich, The organs of sense /
FICTION SCOTT, B. Scott, Brandy, Not bad people : a novel /
FICTION SHAPIRO, D. Shapiro, Deborah, The summer demands /
FICTION SONNE, W. Sonne, Werner, Where the desert meets the sea /
FICTION STEEL, D. Steel, Danielle, Blessing in disguise : a novel /
FICTION THOMAS, J. Thomas, Jodi, The little teashop on Main /
FICTION TILLY, M. Tilly, Meg, Cliff's edge /
FICTION TURNER, B. Turner, Bethany, Wooing Cadie McCaffrey /
FICTION WAX, W. Wax, Wendy, My ex-best friend's wedding /
FICTION WHEELAN, C.J. Wheelan, Charles J., The rationing : a novel /
FICTION WILK, E. Wilk, Elvia, Oval /
GRAPHIC NOVEL BENDIS Bendis, Brian Michael, Cover.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BENDIS Bendis, Brian Michael, Pearl
GRAPHIC NOVEL BLACK PANTHER Hill, Bryan Edward, Killmonger.
GRAPHIC NOVEL DAREDEVIL MacKay, Jed, Man without fear : the death of Daredevil /
GRAPHIC NOVEL FANTASTIC FOUR Slott, Dan, Fantastic four : Mr. and Mrs. Grimm /
GRAPHIC NOVEL HENSON Spurrier, Simon, Jim Henson's Labyrinth :
GRAPHIC NOVEL HULK Ewing, Al, The immortal Hulk,
GRAPHIC NOVEL JLA   Justice League odyssey
GRAPHIC NOVEL LEAGUE Shafer, Odin Austin, League of legends : Ashe, warmother /
GRAPHIC NOVEL SPIDER-MAN Spencer, Nick, The amazing Spider-Man.
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Houser, Jody, Star Wars - age of the republic : heroes /
GRAPHIC NOVEL STAR WARS Houser, Jody, Star Wars : Age of Republic.
GRAPHIC NOVEL WALKER Walker, David, Bitter root.
GRAPHIC NOVEL WIEBE Wiebe, Kurtis J., Rat queens.
HOT READS MYSTERY HOROWITZ, A. Horowitz, Anthony, The sentence is death : a novel /
HOT READS TEEN FICTION RYAN, T. Ryan, Tom, Keep this to yourself /
LARGE TYPE FICTION BRESLIN, K. Breslin, Kate, Far side of the sea /
LARGE TYPE FICTION CHIAVERINI, J. Chiaverini, Jennifer, Resistance women : a novel /
LARGE TYPE FICTION CLEVELAND, K. Cleveland, Karen, Keep you close : a novel /
LARGE TYPE FICTION FRANK, D.B. Frank, Dorothea Benton, Queen bee : a novel /
LARGE TYPE FICTION HARRIS, T. Harris, Thomas, Cari Mora /
LARGE TYPE FICTION MILLER, L.L. Miller, Linda Lael, The Yankee widow /
LARGE TYPE FICTION MONTGOMERY, J. Montgomery, Jess, The widows /
LARGE TYPE FICTION RAMOS, J. Ramos, Joanne, The farm : a novel /
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY VATSAL, R. Vatsal, Radha, Murder between the lines /
MYSTERY BLAKE, B. Blake, Bethany, Something borrowed, something mewed /
MYSTERY BOVEE, K. Bovée, Kari, Peccadillo at the Palace /
MYSTERY CAHOON, L. Cahoon, Lynn, Sconed to death /
MYSTERY CARR, J.D. Carr, John Dickson, The mad hatter mystery /
MYSTERY CLARK, T.P. Clark, Tracy P., Borrowed time /
MYSTERY DAVIDSON, H. Davidson, Hilary One small sacrifice /
MYSTERY DRATCH, D. Dratch, Dana, Seeing red /
MYSTERY FLETCHER, J. Fletcher, Jessica, Murder in red : a murder, she wrote mystery : a novel /
MYSTERY GREEN, L. Green, Layton, A shattered lens : a Detective Preach Everson novel /
MYSTERY GRIFFITHS, E. Griffiths, Elly, The stone circle /
MYSTERY GRIFFITHS, E. Griffiths, Elly, The stone circle /
MYSTERY HARRISON, C. Harrison, Cora, Season of darkness /
MYSTERY HOROWITZ, A. Horowitz, Anthony, The sentence is death : a novel /
MYSTERY HOUSEWRIGHT, D. Housewright, David, Dead man's mistress /
MYSTERY KAZIMER, J.A. Kazimer, J. A., A shot of murder : a Lucky Whiskey mystery /
MYSTERY MASON, T. Mason, Timothy, The Darwin affair : a novel /
MYSTERY MCKENNA, C. McKenna, Clara, Murder at Morrington Hall /
MYSTERY NICKSON, C. Nickson, Chris, The leaden heart /
MYSTERY SILVIS, R. Silvis, Randall, A long way down/
MYSTERY SMITH, K.R. Smith, Karen Rose, Murder with cucumber sandwiches /
MYSTERY THEURILLAT, M.J. Theurillat, Michael J., Death in summer /
MYSTERY YOUNG, K. Young, Kate, Southern sass and killer cravings /
SF/F BEAR, E. Bear, Elizabeth, The red-stained wings /
SF/F BLUMLEIN, M. Blumlein, Michael, Longer /
SF/F BROOKS, T. Brooks, Terry, The Stiehl assassin /
SF/F CAMP, B. Camp, Bryan, Gather the fortunes /
SF/F CAMPBELL, J. Campbell, Jack Triumphant /
SF/F GLASS, C. Glass, Cate, An illusion of thieves /
SF/F KAFTAN, V. Kaftan, Vylar, Her silhouette, drawn in water /
SF/F KAY, G.G. Kay, Guy Gavriel, A brightness long ago /
SF/F KOTLER, S. Kotler, Steven, Last tango in cyberspace /
SF/F NICHOLS, L.A. Nichols, Lisa A., Vessel : a novel /
SF/F TCHAIKOVSKY, A. Tchaikovsky, Adrian, Children of ruin /
TEEN FICTION AHMADI, A. Ahmadi, Arvin, Girl gone viral /
TEEN FICTION BONNEAU, M. Bonneau, Monique The pursuit of Miss Heartbreak Hotel /
TEEN FICTION CAPETTA, A.R. Capetta, Amy Rose, The lost coast /
TEEN FICTION DAVIS, D. Davis, Dana, The voice in my head /
TEEN FICTION FRENCH, G. French, Gillian, The missing season /
TEEN FICTION GOUGH, E. Gough, Erin, Amelia Westlake was never here /
TEEN FICTION HOLLER, S.F. Holler, Sue Farrell, Cold white sun /
TEEN FICTION KADARUSMAN, M. Kadarusman, Michelle, Girl of the southern sea /
TEEN FICTION KAPLAN, A.E. Kaplan, A. E., We are the perfect girl /
TEEN FICTION KUHN, S. Kuhn, Sarah, I love you so mochi /
TEEN FICTION KWAYMULLINA, A. Kwaymullina, Ambelin, The things she's seen /
TEEN FICTION MORRISSEY, B. Morrissey, Bridget, When the light went out /
TEEN FICTION NGUYEN, J.P. Nguyen, Jenn P., Fake it till you break it /
TEEN FICTION PODOS, R. Podos, Rebecca, The wise and the wicked /
TEEN FICTION ROTHENBERG, J. Rothenberg, Jess, The Kingdom /
TEEN FICTION RUSSO, M. Russo, Meredith, Birthday /
TEEN FICTION SCOTT, C. Scott, Ceylan, On a scale of 1 to 10 /
TEEN FICTION THOMAS, L. Thomas, Leah, Wild and crooked /