New Nonfiction

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Item Call Number Author Title
005.133 PYTHON Grus, Joel Data science from scratch : first principles with Python /
006.72 MIL Miller, Michael, My TV for seniors /
070.92 PEL Pelley, Scott, Truth worth telling : a reporter's search for meaning in the stories of our times /
153.9 EPS Epstein, David J., Range : why generalists triumph in a specialized world /
155.3 KIL Kilgariff, Karen, Stay sexy & don't get murdered : the definitive how-to guide /
158.1 SHA Shapiro, Eddie, The unexpected power of mindfulness and meditation /
158.12 CHI   Chicken soup for the soul.
227.1 KEE Keesmaat, Sylvia C., Romans disarmed : resisting empire, demanding justice /
248.842 GUZ Guzman, Sam. The Catholic gentleman : living authentic manhood today /
248.843 CAM Campbell, Colleen Carroll, The heart of perfection: how the saints taught me to trade my dream of perfect for God's /
261.52 GOR Gorrell, Angela, Always on : practicing faith in a new media landscape /
261.83 HAM Hamilton, Mark W., Jesus, king of strangers : what the Bible really says about immigration /
270.092 CAR Carroll, Mary Lea, Saint Everywhere : travels in search of the lady saints /
283 WIL Williams, Rowan, In conversation /
296.16 FRE Freedman, Harry, Kabbalah : secrecy, scandal and the soul /
297.283 ACC Accad, Martin, Sacred misinterpretation : reaching across the Christian-Muslim divide /
305.31 SEX Sexton, Jared, The man they wanted me to be : toxic masculinity and a crisis of our own making /
305.48896 STR Strings, Sabrina, Fearing the black body : the racial origins of fat phobia /
305.8 HAL Hall, Jacquelyn Dowd, Sisters and rebels : a struggle for the soul of America /
306.09 PHI Phillips, Tom Humans : a brief history of how we f----d it all up /
306.7 MOR Morgan, Leslie, The naked truth : a memoir /
306.76 FUN Funk, Mason, The book of pride : LGBTQ heroes who changed the world /
306.81 LUS Luscombe, Belinda, Marriageology : the art and science of staying together /
306.874 MIN Minton, Jean, All the sweeter : families share their stories of adopting from foster care /
324.4 WAT Watts, Shannon, Fight like a mother : how a grassroots movement took on the gun lobby and why women will change the world /
332.024 SET Sethi, Ramit, I will teach you to be rich : No guilt. No excuses. No BS. Just a 6-week program that works /
355.699 COT Cotton, Tom, Sacred duty : a soldier's tour at Arlington National Cemetery /
364.973 LEV Levin, Josh, The Queen : the forgotten life behind an American myth /
365.7 JOH Johnson, Alice Marie, After life : my journey from incarceration to freedom /
423.09 MAR Martin, Peter, The dictionary wars : the American fight over the English language /
523.3 MOR Morton, Oliver, The moon : a history for the future /
595.799 KEA Kearney, Hilary, Queenspotting : meet the remarkable queen bee and discover the drama at the heart of the hive ; includes 48 queenspotting challenges /
597.17 SPI Spitzer, Mark, In search of monster fish : angling for a more sustainable planet /
598 ELP Elphick, Jonathan, The handbook of bird families /
613.71 ESM Esmonde-White, Miranda, Aging backwards : fast track : 6 ways in 30 days to look and feel younger /
615.5 ROX Roxburgh, Lauren, The power source : the hidden key to ignite your core, empower your body, release stress, and realign your life /
616.029 BAU Baugher, John E., Contemplative caregiving : finding healing, compassion, and spiritual growth through end-of-life care /
616.82 KJA Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt, The blink of an eye : a memoir of dying--and learning how to live again /
616.85227 COU Courtwright, David T., The age of addiction : how bad habits became big business /
616.8589 WOL Wolraich, Mark, ADHD : what every parent needs to know /
616.9041 MCC McCarthy, Matt, Superbugs : the race to stop an epidemic /
616.9041 MCC McCarthy, Matt, Superbugs : the race to stop an epidemic /
617.735 AND Andrews, Becky. Look up, move forward : my journey of losing vision and finding resilience /
638.1 AND Anderson, Bill, The idle beekeeper : the low-effort, natural way to raise bees /
641.5 TUR Turner, Teri No crumbs left : recipes for everyday food made marvelous /
641.5 WEB Webb, Quad, Cooking with Miss Quad : live, laugh, love, and eat /
641.52 MIL Miller, Emily Elyse, Breakfast : the cookbook /
641.56314 RIO Riolo, Amy, The Mediterranean diabetes cookbook : a flavorful, heart-healthy approach to cooking /
641.5636 HAU Haun, Bianca, Cravings made vegan : 50 plant-based recipes for your comfort food favorites /
641.587 BUR Burns, Lisa Family meals from scratch in your instant pot : healthy and delicious home cooking made fast /
641.587 DOR Dorsey, Jenny, Mastering the Instant Pot : a practical guide to using "the greatest kitchen tool of all time" /
641.59 EDE Eden, Caroline. Black sea : dispatches and recipes, through darkness and light /
641.5945 LEN Lennox, Leslie Derene, Pesto : the modern mother sauce : more than 90 inventive recipes that start with homemade pestos /
641.59593 RIC Ricker, Andy, Pok Pok noodles : recipes from Thailand and beyond /
641.5975 MCD McDuffie, Lauren, Smoke, roots, mountain, harvest : recipes and stories inspired by my Appalachian home /
641.622 MON Monroe, Cece, The rosé lover's companion : a collection of recipes, quotes, and advice for wine lovers /
641.65 AND Andrés, José, Vegetables unleashed : a cookbook /
641.694 ZIR Zircher, Erin, CRU Oyster Bar Nantucket cookbook : savoring four seasons of the good life /
641.815 STR Strothe, Carolin, Naturally sweet baking : healthier recipes for a guilt-free treat /
641.873 BEE Beechum, Drew, Simple homebrewing : great beer, less work, more fun /
643.7 BEH Behari, Jo, Beginner's guide to DIY & home repair : essential DIY techniques for the first timer /
648.8 MCC McCubbin, Tracy, Making space, clutter free : the last book on decluttering you'll ever need /
649.1 KOR Korb, Damon, Raising an organized child : 5 steps to boost independence, ease frustration, and promote confidence /
649.6 GLO Glowacki, Jamie, Oh crap! I have a toddler : tackling these crazy awesome years--no time outs needed /
650.1082 ARI Aries, Emilie, Bossed up : a grown woman's guide to getting your sh*t together /
658 POL Pollak, Lindsey, The remix : how to lead and succeed in the multigenerational workplace /
658.3 HAR Harris, La'Wana, Diversity beyond lip service : a coaching guide for challenging bias /
658.4063 DYE Dyer, Jeffrey H., Innovation capital : how to compete--and win--like the world's most innovative leaders /
659.144 SEW Seward, Timothy P., Ultimate guide to Amazon advertising /
743.73 KOC Koch, Alli, Florals by hand : how to draw and design modern floral projects /
745.582 BAR   Creative beading. the best projects from a year of Bead&Button magazine /
745.92 POT Potter, Anna, The flower fix : modern arrangements for a daily dose of nature /
746.44 HAG Haggard, Brian, Blended embroidery : combining old & new textiles, ephemera & embroidery /
746.46 BUT   Beyond the block : modern patchwork projects inspired by log cabin blocks /
746.46 HAH Hahn, Linda, New York beauty quilts electrified /
759.5 MIC Pascuzzi, Alan, Becoming Michelangelo : apprenticing to the master, and discovering the artist through his drawings /
780.266 SCO Scott, Jonathan The vinyl frontier : the story of the Voyager Golden Record /
781.66 WOO   Woodstock : three days that rocked the world /
782.42164 MOR Mordden, Ethan, On Streisand : an opinionated guide /
787.2 WOL Wolf, Thomas, The nightingale's sonata : the musical odyssey of Lea Luboshutz /
791.43 LAM Lambie, Ryan, The geek's guide to SF cinema : 30 key films that revolutionised the genre /
791.43 WAT Waters, John, Mr. know-it-all : the tarnished wisdom of a filth elder /
791.4372 LAN Lanza, Joseph. The Texas chain saw massacre : the film that terrified a rattled nation /
792.7 DES De Semlyen, Nick, Wild and crazy guys : how the comedy mavericks of the '80s changed Hollywood forever /
796.357 CAS Castro, Tony, Mantle : the best there ever was /
940.542142 KER Kershaw, Alex, The first wave : the D-Day warriors who led the way to victory in World War II /
940.542142 LAM Lambert, Ray (Arnold Ray), Every man a hero : a memoir of D-Day, the first wave at Omaha Beach, and a world at war /
956.91 DAG Dagher, Sam, Assad or we burn the country : how one family's lust for power destroyed Syria /
958.1047 PEC Peck, John M., Rebuilding Sergeant Peck : how I put body and soul back together after Afghanistan /
959.7043 COO Coonts, Stephen, Dragon's Jaw : an epic story of courage and tenacity in Vietnam /
973 LEP Lepore, Jill, This America : the case for the nation /
973.7 CLE Clemmons, Linda M., Dakota in exile : the untold stories of captives in the aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota war /
973.81 WIN Wineapple, Brenda, The impeachers : the of trial of Andrew Johnson and the dream of a just nation /
973.91 SIM Simon, Linda, Lost girls : the invention of the flapper /
973.911 ABR Abrams, Dan, Theodore Roosevelt for the defense : the courtroom battle to save his legacy /
973.911 ABR Abrams, Dan, Theodore Roosevelt for the defense : the courtroom battle to save his legacy /
973.911 ABR Abrams, Dan, Theodore Roosevelt for the defense : the courtroom battle to save his legacy /
973.917 LAC Lacey, Jim, The Washington war : FDR's inner circle and the politics of power that won World War II /
973.932 BAK Baker, Peter, Obama : the call of history /
973.932 BID Biden, Jill, Where the light enters : building a family, discovering myself /
973.932 BID Biden, Jill, Where the light enters : building a family, discovering myself /
974.71 SAT Satow, Julie, The Plaza : the secret life of America's most famous hotel /
979.4 ARA Arax, Mark, The dreamt land : chasing water and dust across California /
BIOGRAPHY BUDIANSKY, S. Budiansky, Stephen, Oliver Wendell Holmes : a life in war, law, and ideas /
BIOGRAPHY HEMINGWAY, E. Feldman, Andrew, Ernesto : the untold story of Hemingway in revolutionary Cuba /
ESSAYS AUSTER, P. Auster, Paul, Talking to strangers : selected essays, prefaces, and other writings, 1967-2017 /
GRAPHIC NOVEL 940.5421 VEN Venditti, Robert, Six days : the incredible story of D-Day's lost chapter /
HUMOR LAND, H. Land, Heather, I ain't doin' it : unfiltered thoughts from a sarcastic southern sweetheart /
LARGE TYPE 940.542142 KER Kershaw, Alex, The first wave : the D-Day warriors who led the way to victory in World War II /
LARGE TYPE 973.92 PAC Packer, George, Our man : Richard Holbrooke and the end of the American century /
LARGE TYPE 977 MCC McCullough, David G., The pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal west /
POETRY SASTRE, E. Sastre, Elvira. One day I will save myself : poems in English and Spanish /
TEEN BIOGRAPHY HUTCHINSON, S.D. Hutchinson, Shaun David, Brave face : a memoir /