Active in the Galleries

Active in the Galleries

North Gallery

Works by B. Mensah

On display through August 4

Meet B. Mensah on Sunday, July 28 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. 

Born Bernard Mensah in 1978, he chose to change his name to Kwame Boama Mensa-Aborampa to fit his heritage. He is known by his signed name B. Mensah. He was born to Ghanaian parents in the Ashanti region of Ghana, but raised by a single mother whose efforts and resilience propelled him to be who he is today by the trading business she owned.

While accompanying his mother to the market, Mensah observed beautiful nature along the way and how artistically the women in the market went about their daily operations; swinging their waist adorned with beads, beckoning their customers to come to purchase whatever that they had to sell. He was so captivated by the beautiful, well rounded, and industrious women in the market, with basins full of foodstuffs on their head effortlessly, that he started drawing those images on slates and whatever smooth surface he came by as a growing child. It is no wonder that Mensah’s painting today pays tribute in so many ways to the industrious women around the world. Music forms a greater part of the African Culture and traditions and Mensah, himself a lover of music, portrays these in some of his paintings. 

As Mensah puts it, “the artist is sometimes seen as crazy, but to me, the very thing we all see and take for granted translates into the artistic representation on the canvas, as the spirit of creativity takes over my being.” He has an intense sense of color and this vibrancy adds a great deal to the paintings he produces. “I create to portray how I see nature and to exhibit the artistic qualities in me.” He creates works that are easily identifiable, not merely through his own style but his subjects as well. The characters he portrays, the stories he tells, are all part of one very elaborate narrative.

He lives in Woodridge with his wife Esther Mensa-Aborampa and their three children.

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Café Gallery

Works by Nancy Belda

On display through August 4

Nancy began her calligraphic career nearly 40 years ago. She credits her initial interest in calligraphy to her grade school days when Sister Donella placed a calligraphy pen in her hand. Her interest in the disciplined art form was born. 

In her adult years, she studied calligraphy with world-renowned calligrapher, Tim Botts. And has been referred, by Tim, to clients with calligraphic needs. 

Nancy has adopted Tim‘s philosophy. Letters are indeed art forms in themselves and can be used, alone, to illustrate.

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