Active in the Galleries

Active in the Galleries

Works by Mary Yezek
On display through September 30
North Gallery

Featured: City Time (detail)

What Influenced My Creativity

Instead of talking about myself, let me tell you about people who influenced me.

To quote my mother, “If a person can do it, so can you—keep doing it until you improve. Just do it… she was not talking about art.

To quote my brother, “Do it, damn it, even if it’s wrong.” Doing something wrong is a learning experience. Just do it… he was not talking about art.

Being insecure about displaying my artwork, an art instructor said, “As good as you are, someone is always better. As bad as you are, someone is always worse.” Just do it… she was talking about art.

Like everything in life, learn to relax and enjoy your efforts. Your joy in creativity will show in your work.

Mary Yezek

Art for the Joy of It by Linn Eldred
On display through September 30
Cafe Gallery

Meet artist Linn Eldred at a Meet the Artist event on Sunday, September 30 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Nature Art Objects are the subject matter that I enjoy most in painting. There is no equal for the variety of shapes and colors in nature.

Although I work in many mediums, my favorites are acrylic, watercolor; pen and ink, and colored pencil. Drawing and painting are very meditative for me.  

I attended the Art Institute of Chicago throughout my teen years where I was given an award for high achievement. I continued my studies at Northern Illinois University where I earned a BS in Ed. in Art and Physical Geography.  I later attended the University of Illinois where I obtained my Master’s Degree. Recently I received the Natures Artists’ Guilds Bachelor and Masters Certificate in Botanical Art.

I have had my pictures displayed in numerous art shows and libraries, Edward Hospital, and the Oak Park Conservatory. My work has appeared in periodicals such as Seeding the Snow, The Wordeater, and The Nature Artist’s Quarterly. I was honored to have been chosen as the featured artist at the Morton Arboretum’s 2013 Spring’s Nature Artist Guild Show. 

Featured: White Iris (detail)