Gary Price


Gary Price's intent is to "lift the human spirit through sculpture." Evidence of his success in achieving this inspirational goal is found in scores of individuals, corporations, cities, and foundations that have acquired his works. Gary's figurative sculpture is diverse, including animals, birds, and mystical or historical characters. For the past several years, however, Gary has found joy in the "childhood days" of his five boys and has converted this joy into several pieces revolving around the fun and joys of youth.

Puffed Up Prince

Artist's Statement about "Puffed Up Prince":

"Every once in a while it's a fun challenge to ‘break the mold,' so to speak, on traditional figure sculpture and create a piece of pure whimsy. I was sitting in the studio one day looking at a recently completed sculpture of a child and a ball. Wondering what type of a creature would lend itself to a spherical shape, I proceeded to add clay to a ball. Coincidentally, a large jumping frog was visiting in the studio. Every time I touched the frog it would enlarge itself with air. Needless to say, I was inspired and my first spherical creature was created; the ‘Puffed Up Prince.'"

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Children of Peace

Artist's Statement about "Children of Peace:

"The figures in ‘Children of Peace' symbolize peace and harmony with all things around them—both with nature and mankind. Peace is something our world cries out for, and as an artist and a father of five, I believe it starts with our children. If our youth have the opportunity to grow up in peaceful and loving homes and are taught early the need for harmony and concern, the entire world will spin in a brighter and higher direction. In this sculpture, the children's bodies form simple arches. Arches are the beginning of circles, and circles are simple and beautiful forms that represent peace, harmony, and eternity."

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