Equipment List

Media Lab use items can be obtained by visiting the second floor Computer Help Desk. For more information, call (630) 960-1200 or email

Audio Equipment

CAD Cardioid Condenser
Studio mic with excellent frequency response, typically used for vocals. Media Lab use.

Shure SM57
Great all-around mic for both instrument and vocal recording. Media Lab use.

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD 
Compact and durable USB audio interface perfect for connecting upt to four mics or instruments. Media Lab use.

Peavy PV6 Multitrack Mixer
4-channel mixer featuring 4 reference quality XLR mic inputs with equalizers in a sturdy, compact design. Media Lab use.

Xenyx 302 USB Mixer
Ultra-compact mixer with one mic input for quick and easy audio capture. Media Lab use.

Casio CTK-2300 Keyboard 
61-key keyboard with 400 built-in tones, 150 rhythms, and many other features. Media Lab use.

Numark Mixtrack DJ Controller 
Digital DJ controller allows you to mix, scratch, and create tracks on a computer with a dual-deck layout. Media Lab use.

Telecaster Electric Guitar
Standard Fender-styled guitar in a glorious and not-at-all tacky teal color. Media Lab use.

Guitar Cables:
Standard 20-foot guitar cables with ¼” connectors. Media Lab use.

Mic Cables:
Standard 20-foot XLR mic cables. Media Lab use. 

Mic Stands:
Mic boom stand with collapsible tripod base. Media Lab use.

Pop Screen:
Attachable filter used to eliminate “popping” sounds when recording vocals. Media Lab use.


Video/Photography Equipment

Canon Rebel DSLR Cameras: T3iT5iT5 
18 Megapixel professional digital camera with 3” screen, with intuitive auto features as well as more advanced controls for experienced photographers. Media Lab use.

Canon EF 50mm Lens
Standard, fixed 50mm lens with excellent sharpness that is ideal for portraits. Media Lab use.

Canon EFS 18-55mm Lens 
Great all-around lens with image stabilization and auto-focus options. Media Lab use. 

Canon EFS 55-250mm Lens 
Telephoto lens with image stabilization and auto-focus options. Media Lab use.

Rokinon Wide Angle Lens 
Super wide angle lens that offers a 114-degree field of view. Media Lab use.

Sony HD HandyCam HDR-CX240
High definition camcorder with a 2.7” screen and built-in USB cable for easy transfer of videos. Media Lab use.

Rode VideoMic 
Shotgun mic that attaches to camera and offers higher quality audio than a DSLR’s built-in mic. Media Lab use.

Zoom H2n Audio Recorder
Portable recording device perfect for capturing a wide area. Media Lab use.

Photography Lights and Stands:
Adjustable tripod stands and a variety of lights (such as LED on-camera lights and diffuser/umbrella lights) are available. Media Lab use.