3D Printing

Make three-dimensional objects, such as chess pieces, figurines, tools, and jewelry, using our Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer.
Use an existing design from thingiverse.com or make your own. Please submit file formats on a flash drive only in .STL format (the standard 3D printing format) to the Computer Help Desk.

  • Make a Book-An-Expert appointment for additional help
  • We use PLA plastic
  • Completion time is 1-2 weeks

Cad Software

  • Autodesk123D (123dapp.com)
  • SketchUp.com
  • ​Tinkercad.com

*Reminder: .STL format is the only format accepted.

Pricing is based on the final weight of the object.

  • Standard Plastic: $0.10/g
  • Specialty Plastic: $0.20/g
  • ​Glow in the Dark Plastic: $0.40/g

*Rafts and supports are included in the final weight. You are not responsible for the cost of failed prints.

Type of Printer

  • Creality Ender 3 Pro: Prints 220 mm X 220 mm x 250 mm