Watts of Love

Watts of Love brings solar lights to people living without access to power,  changing lives and alleviating the poverty of families in the poorest, hardest to reach places in the world. They work to

  • break the dependency on dangerous, costly kerosene lighting

  • provide significant cost savings over purchasing kerosene

  • remove kerosene pollution from homes

  • improve health by eliminating smoke inhalation and burns

  • supply longer hours of light for work and study

  • increase safety and security.

Watts of Love’s “light” represents more than just lumens in the solar lights; it means life-saving change and opportunity.

Volunteers are needed to

  • deliver lights to families, midwives, and doctors where the Watts of Love story began in the Philippines from June 1–9, 2019;

  • distribute lights to the indigenous population in rural Malawai from         September 21–30, 2019;

  • navigate the rough terrain in the Simien National Park in Ethiopia to deliver solar lights from January 2–12, 2020.

This organization was founded by Nancy Economou and is headquartered in Downers Grove. Watts of Love has distributed 28,000 solar lights in 42+ countries. Economous has been named to the Hall of Fame of the Chicago Filipino Asian-American Association, and the Montini Hall of Fame for her humanitarian efforts. Visit wattsoflove.org.

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Upcoming Trips

  • Philippines: June 1-9, 2019

    • Watts of Love is committed to delivering lights to families, midwives, and doctors where the WOL story began.

  • Malawi: September 21-30, 2019

    • Join Watts of Love in rural communities of Malawi as they distribute lights to the diverse indigenous population.

  • Ethiopia: January 2-12, 2020

    • Venturing far from the beaten path and navigating rough terrain, Watts of Love will distribute lights throughout Simien National Park.

Closer to Home

Join in on the Go Dark Give Light Challenge to help spread awareness. Participants pledge to “go dark” by logging off their mobile devices and social media once the sun goes down. Find out more at wattsoflove.org/godarkgivelight.